To all you mothers out there: thank you!

There is an old proverb that goes like this:

“A man may work from sun to sun, but woman’s work is never done.”

Never is this truer than with mothers. If you are listening to this and nodding your head, perhaps you are a mother yourself, or you are thinking of your own mom. In any case, every one of us has a mother, and we know without a doubt how motherhood is a 24/7 kind of gig.

me with my mom several years ago
Me with my mom several years ago. Her name is Evelyn Umali.

To start with, what kind of humanity would there be without mothers? Probably not much to speak of or write about. Would we all be spores? However, mothers do exist and what a gift they are to humanity!

A woman is a mother from the time of her child’s conception, and from that very moment on, her heart beats for more than just herself. This phenomenon goes on for the rest of her life, regardless of how old she and her child become. She remains herself yet, lives for more than herself. An expectant mother bears within her a life other than her own: a being who depends on her for everything.

This same dependent being - once born – becomes the unofficial, undeclared and definitive extension of his or her mother. A mother constantly thinks of her child’s well-being, her instinct to protect her offspring kicking into high gear. You could say that when her child sneezes or coughs, a mother’s finely tuned extrasensory perception scours the known universe for the cause of said sneeze or cough. When her child gets hurt, a mother feels the pain, whether it be a skinned knee or a broken heart. She aches for her child. A mother also rejoices for her child and is the world’s greatest horn tooter and drum beater for her kids. She is happy when her child is happy.

When does motherhood end? Well - it doesn’t. Once a mother, always a mother – and thank God for that! We are so grateful for mothers – for all of you who bore sons and daughters! Although there may be days when it might seem it is thankless and dull, perhaps tedious or tiresome, repetitive or infuriating – these are the days that make up the weeks and the months and the years that we call our lives.

What are the gems that make up our real treasures on earth? It is a mother’s gentle nudge and third reminder; the hug that comes at the end of a long, tiring day; the reprimand that goes unsaid at our feeble apology and that rush to forgive. It is the hand that reaches out to feel one’s forehead when one looks flushed; the nose that knows the smell of beer on someone’s breath a mile away; the eyes that always seem to see the best that one can possibly be. When each of us was born, God worked it out so that it would be to someone who would care for us and teach us how to live and to love.

A mother’s arms are an extension of God’s own, and it is through her that we could begin to understand just how much we are loved by God Himself.

To all you mothers out there: thank you! Thank you for welcoming the souls you have been blessed with and caring for your children. Yours is not simply a job or a task. It is a vocation – you were called to become mothers and you said yes! Your work is never done because your “work” is to love. You love us when you feed and clothe us, listen and talk to us, share in our sorrows and our joys, help us to know that we are not alone, and we are truly loved for who we are. Without you, where would we be?

Every family has an original essential worker, and mothers – that is you. The world is kinder and better for all that you are and all that you do!

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