Spruce Up Your Table

Small hacks to elevate your dinner space

There are some days when you feel creative juices just flowing through you and you need to find an outlet. Why not put your creative energy into elevating your dinner table?

Mealtimes together with the family are always special; you share great conversation, advice and laughs. You get to catch up with everybody on their day, news they may have to share and just strengthen those personal bonds. Here are some ideas for making those times around the dining table even more special:

Herb It Up

Use rosemary as foliage on the napkins or the plate itself. These herbs are available at any grocery store and usually come in multiple sprigs. You can make them into mini wreaths or use as single sprigs. They are so versatile and can be used as decoration in various ways:

  • Tuck them into a napkin ring.

  • Lay a sprig flat in the centre of the dinner plate or folded napkin.

  • Make mini wreaths.

  • Cut a sprig in half and place one in the empty beverage glass.

You Can Sit with Us

At weddings, guests are given assigned seating at each table. Why not recreate that special detail and make place cards for the family? Get creative and find fun paper or stationery you may have in your home. From wrapping paper, colored construction paper or cardboard boxes. You can also start from scratch and use blank paper and get to painting! This can even jump start your calligraphy skills.

What’s on the Menu?

Ever heard of the website Canva? It is an online graphic design platform with a basic free level of membership. The design of what, you may ask? The design of anything you can think of - from presentations, to Instagram stories, to business cards! It is such an easy website to navigate through with a million templates. Jump in there and create menus! You can download your design for free and print them at home. Place one menu on each plate and it’s like you’ve transported yourself to a fine dining restaurant!

Elevating your mealtimes doesn’t mean you have to spend a whole whack of money on decorations or fancy flower arrangements. Putting in lots of love and attention to the small details truly goes a long way.

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