Just Add Flower

Flowers aren't just to be admired out in the garden, park or countryside. They can brighten up your home and your mood!

Flowers have been shown to have extraordinary power over us, affecting our moods and improving our health and work performance. As a young girl, I distinctly remembered my father bringing home a bouquet of flowers for my mother, either for special occasions or just because. It didn’t just make my mom happy, it also made me happy. The simple joy it brought my mom uplifted me.


As our weather turns warmer, local garden centres have opened giving us the opportunity to bring our local crops home. Having flowers in your home boosts your mood, adds to decor and is a wonderful sign of affection for your household. Choosing low maintenance flowers can also spruce up your home. Orchids and succulents are low maintenance plants that only require once a week of care!

To Vase or Not to Vase

How can you bring flowers into your home in other ways than just a pretty vase? Here are 4 ways:

  1. Use unique vases: old wine bottles, mason jars, unused teacups or empty candle jars.

  2. Use hanging planters. There are many ways to make your own with things you can find at home.

  3. Change up your rooms. The most conventional rooms to place a vase of flowers are in the living or dining room. Why not try putting blooms in the kitchen or bathroom?

  4. Pressed or dried flowers. It’s sad to see your gorgeous blooms once they start wilting; however, you can still preserve them by drying them out. Go even further and press your flowers. They can be framed as works of art too!

Floral TLC

My friend, Joanne, is the owner of a small local business in Toronto, June Bloom Events, which specializes in florals and wedding/event planning. Joanne actually created and designed the florals for my wedding! She shared some tips on caring for your blooms when you bring them home.

  • Remove extra foliage/leaves from the stems. You don’t want these submerged in the water, as can cause bacteria and contaminate it, ruining your blooms.

  • Give the stem an angle cut, which allows for the blooms to drink more water.

  • Make sure your water isn’t too cold. It is good if it is, a bit cooler than room temperature.

  • Change the water every other day and give the stems a fresh angled cut.


Joy in Blooms

Having flowers in your home does a lot more than simply enhance the aesthetics of a room. Blooms can be stress relievers, mood boosters and memory triggers. Lavender can even help you get a good night’s sleep!

Schedule a visit to your local garden centre and bask in the beauty of the local plant crop. You don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb to enjoy walking around. You never know - it could spark the hidden gardener or florist in you!

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